As a career advisor and business coach, I am often asked what I actually do. Well, the short answer is that I provide support to individuals as they navigate change in the workplace. My expertise lies in helping individuals not only manage but also embrace change, overcome obstacles and ultimately achieve their career goals at their own pace. It’s been over ten years since I started working with middle and senior managers after graduating from Flow Coaching School, one of the most renowned coaching schools in the country.

I have had the privilege of working with a diverse range of clients from various industries including IT, finance, pharmaceuticals, media, and the art world. Over the years, I have helped individuals navigate a broad range of challenges, including conflict management, new beginnings, job loss, and the search for a new position. I have acquired extensive knowledge and experience through my ongoing work with clients, and have committed myself to ongoing training and professional development.

More coaching schools, workshops, trainings and of course the endless international literature followed. I believe that to survive as a coach or consultant, you have to keep educating yourself. Career coaching evolved from business coaching after I realised that I could support my clients even better by writing a powerful CV, a motivation letter, by preparing them for negotiations and interviews. Decades of media experience also proved useful when I needed to train people to give effective press interviews, to build a website, to write a successful business blog. My motto, which I deeply believe in, is borrowed from Albert Einstein: “You have to learn the rules of the game. And then you have to play better than anyone else.”

I have experienced many things in this life. Growing up, I struggled with fitting in. As a sixth-grader, I was the fat, lonely, over-sensitive boy, I was bullied by my peers and often felt isolated, but luckily I found comfort in reading and was grateful for a few close friends who supported me. I was the weird, silly 120-pound boy until I started to lose weight. Then I was the weird boy who failed every subject, but then I discovered my talents in history and literature and became a prominent member of my high school’s drama club, where I was finally embraced for who I was. At 25, I relocated to Budapest with only a suitcase. I had been a soldier here before, and as there were no mobile phones then, I used to dictate articles for the Budapest section of the Magyar Hírlap in my military uniform as a young journalist. Over time, I worked in various forms of media, but it wasn’t until I became a coach that I found my true calling. Throughout my journey, I have learned so much and am dedicated to continuing my personal growth as a coach.

Change is great

As even the most accomplished individuals face challenges in the workplace, it’s reassuring to know that the answers often lie within. In a successful coaching session, not only does time fly by, but it also provides a space for hard work and laughter. I specialize in working with managers, senior executives, and artists, who are often recognized for their sensitivity and creativity. It is a privilege to be a part of their journey and to share in their inspiring moments. My goal is to empower individuals to unlock their full potential and overcome obstacles to achieve success.


In my opinion, a true helper doesn’t act superior or preachy. A real helper is wise, open-hearted, cultured, and humble. I can’t say that working with Laci brought me what I expected – it gave much more than that! Beyond resolving the question I came with, he taught me how to manage the multitude of feelings and thoughts whenever I’m in a decision-making situation. All of this with great sensitivity, attention, patience, humor, and what seems to be an inexhaustible set of tools. I wholeheartedly recommend that you choose Laci as your companion if you’re seeking your solution! He won’t parade around in the leader’s role, even though he holds the map.

Pánczél Erzsébet
Perinatal Consultant

Laci has helped me a lot to make one of the big decisions of my life: to rebuild myself professionally in a new country, in a new city. It was really comforting to know that I was not alone. He supported me, encouraged me, sometimes even said things that seemed unbelievable at the time, but time has proved him right. He would not hold my hand, but if I held out mine, he was always available. He made room for my thoughts, which were formed in conversations with him. I grew in confidence. He was the first person I called on the first anniversary of my decision. I am grateful to him. Thank you. Work with him. It’s worth it.

András Makai-Begidsán
Gestalt therapist, life coach

Laci’s presence is powerful and pulls you back to the moment. The past disappears into a haze, the questions of the future vanish as you work imperceptibly on the question, the issue you came with. And then your own answers are formed right there in the session, or afterwards, it doesn’t matter because you are in the „Here and Now” and that’s all that will matter from that point on. Do you need more than that? If it’s important to be present in your own life, then choose him. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to experience it!

Zoltán Bodnár

When faced with uncertainty and a lack of direction in your career, having a highly skilled professional for guidance can be invaluable. László has consistently served as a trusted mentor and advisor, expertly navigating me towards personal and professional growth.

Doron Ritter

Working with László has shed a whole new light on my professional path. It highlighted connections, strengthened me and made me more confident. His enthusiasm and support led me to new paths, with one result following another, and all within a few months. Each time we had a conversation that was uplifting, thought-provoking and inspiring. I would recommend László as a coach to anyone, as I have learned and gained so much from him throughout our sessions, both personally and professionally.

András Vas
Logistic and Purchasing leader

Collaborating with László has had a profound impact on my approach to handling the complexities of the workplace, both in terms of human relationships and professional development. László embodies a unique combination of expertise and empathy, offering a wealth of knowledge and valuable feedback. Through his guidance, I have been able to elevate my skills and find my own voice. László has played a crucial role in fostering my personal growth, leading to improved balance and reduced stress in my life. It’s important to note that ultimate success is dependent on self-motivation and effort, but with László’s support, substantial progress is achievable. I wholeheartedly recommend him as a coach.

Hajnalka Aurora
Balogdi Group Manager Digital Services

Why do I recommend him?
…because you’ll know what you want to achieve and what you don’t.
… why you really want it
… you’ll recognise your obstacles and befriend them
… and you’ll have more alternatives for progress, for self improvement.
If that’s not enough, try it, I’ll sponsor your first session!

Tímea Krecz
Training Specialist / HR Specialist

Laszlo has been one of my most talented students. He is an authentic person, and has been sensitive both to the person and the deepest issues, either you can express them clearly or not. If you want a good coach, with whom you go through a supported development process and get the best result for the time, choose him. You will be happy that you did.

dr. Ilona Erős †
Gestalt therapist

When I feel stuck, I need new perspectives and “out of the box” solutions I reach out to Laszlo. His holistic way of coaching, his ability to put things in different perspective helps me every time to take the next step on my professional path.

Milena Milankovics
Co-Founder at Hekate Conscious Ageing Foundation

Laszlo is a very approachable HR professional who knows himself, his values and limits and so can offer realistic coaching/help for the ones in need. If you’d like to clarify which are your ‘strengths and weaknesses’ and how to present them in an autenthic, yet, result bringing way to a future employer, feel free to touch base with him. He’s also specialised in supporting/career coaching of LGBTQIA people which is unique in Hungary. If I had/will have people turning to me with regards to hints and tips concerning this topic, I’d definitely orientate them towards Laszlo. Wishing him all the best I remain his true friend as well.

Pálinkásné Lőrincz Ildikó


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Career Coaching

Coaching is often referred to as an art form, a harmonious combination of support, understanding, and imagination. In this process, we partner with the client to discover innovative approaches towards accomplishing their objectives, instilling confidence and determination to reach them. The hallmark of a successful coaching session is that the 60 minutes seem to pass by effortlessly, while the client gains valuable insights. This all takes place in a secure and comfortable environment.

Career coaching is even more focused and results-driven, providing a thrilling experience as we often work towards tight deadlines. During this process, we tap into the client’s unique strengths, develop a tailored professional plan, craft a goal-oriented resume, and bring aspirations to life.

My personalized career counselling offers a comprehensive approach to career development, providing insights not just for one significant career change, but for the entire career journey. This experience also has the potential to transform your relationships with others, enhance self-confidence and self-esteem, and uncover the underlying beliefs and values that drive your choices. These revelations serve as the foundation for meaningful and liberating transformation.

Typically, a coaching engagement consists of 4 to 6 sessions. The initial consultation, where we determine if we are a good fit to work together, is offered at no cost.

Choose a career package for yourself:

  • Career I. Package (3 sessions)
    • New resources
    • Mapping out superpowers
    • Best career strategies, secrets of the hidden job market
  • Career Plus Package (+ 2 sessions, totaling 5 sessions with the previous)
    • Lifeline information gathering
    • Goal setting, goal integration
  • Career Lux Package (+ 2 sessions, totaling 7 sessions with the previous)
    • Conflict Management I.
    • Conflict Management II.

Employer Branding

Employer branding, otherwise known as employer brand building, is indispensable not just for large corporations but for small businesses as well. A robust employer brand can attract and retain talented employees, which is critical for growth and success. Small businesses often operate with fewer resources, making every new team member particularly vital.

Employer branding empowers small businesses to stand out from the crowd, giving them a competitive edge in recruiting skilled workers. A strong employer brand goes beyond just salary or benefits; it encompasses values, culture, and workplace atmosphere.

Small businesses have their unique culture and values that they can spotlight. These values can make the enterprise appealing to those who share similar principles and objectives. Additionally, a potent employer brand can reduce turnover and enhance employee loyalty, as people are more likely to commit long-term to a company whose values resonate with their own.

Furthermore, small businesses frequently compete with larger firms for the same talent pool. A well-defined and communicated employer brand can persuade candidates that greater opportunities await them at a smaller company: more responsibilities, faster promotions, or a closer relationship with the team.

In conclusion, employer branding isn’t just a trendy term or another HR tool. It’s a strategic investment that, in the long run, yields dividends for small businesses by attracting and retaining top talent, and by cultivating strong teams essential for success.